Hermitage Nuestra Señora de La Lanzada

Model of Hermitage Nuestra Señora de La Lanzada at 1:100 scale

It is a small chapel, sample of the late Romanesque of the XII century, built on remains of another older one, linked to the fortress built in the 10th century to defend the lands of Santiago of the Viking and Norman invasions. It is located at the beginning of the La Lanzada Beach, and related to the bath rite of the nine waves. In the last weekend of August the pilgrimage of the Virgin of the Lanzada. On the night of Saturday hundreds of women who want to end their infertility, for this they must undergo the bath of the nine waves at midnight. East place was inhabited from remote times, as attested by the abundance of remains found in the old Castrexo village as well as in the necropolis that is found in the near the chapel, and that is being excavated and studied today.

The model of the Ermita Nuestra Señora de La Lanzada is made at 1:100 scale. The relief of the stones is carved by hand and the color painted with an airbrush.


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